eMedical Academy Publishes New Case Study Detailing Partnership with Winfocus-Switzerland to Train Cohort of Medical Students on Point of Care Ultrasound.

eMedical Academy Publishes New Case Study Detailing Partnership with Winfocus-Switzerland to Train Cohort of Medical Students on Point of Care Ultrasound.

Boston, US – September 5, 2019 – eMedical Academy online ultrasound school for Point-of-Care ultrasound continuing education recently published a new case study on their website. The case study explores how Winfocus-Switzerland incorporated virtual ultrasound courses from eMedical Academy to train its medical students.

Winfocus-Switzerland has a primary focus on developing Point-of-Care Ultrasound practice. Growing knowledge and strengthening the practice of both medical and nursing high-quality point of care ultrasound – in support of both in-hospital and pre-hospital care and not just in emergency or critical care settings – has long been a part of Winfocus Switzerland’s comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach.

However, Winfocus faced several challenges in meeting set objectives with their usual in-class approach. Significant time spent on teaching FoCUS image acquisition limited hands-on practice time. However, teaching image acquisition and practicing it in the same session made classes too long—cwreating a burden for both trainees and trainers.

Adding in eMedical Academy’s online PoCUS training addressed many of these issues. Pre-course access to eMedical’s eViews allowed attendees to get a head start on FoCUS view acquisition.

Then, using eClips, course attendees could practice distinguishing between normal and pathological conditions.

By the time live classes occur, where attendees conduct image acquisition live, requisite skills could be honed, rather than introduced. This opportunity freed up valuable time for added hands-on refinement of image acquisition through trainee and trainer discussion, troubleshooting, and Q&A sessions. Finally, after-course continued access to eViews and eClips reinforced learning and encouraged further mastery.

One specific benefit reported by Winfocus-Switzerland was outlined in the case, “Shifting training of image acquisition to the learner in the pre-course setting allowed a reduction in course time from 2 days to 1. The shorter course duration was preferred by trainees to limit time away from work. Furthermore, fewer expert trainers were needed during the live course, resulting in decreased organizational expenses. Such reduced costs benefitted the organization and trainee as well.

You can read the entire case study here:  https://www.emedicalacademy.com/partner-pocus-case-studies-winfocus/.
About eMedical Academy:

eMedical Academy was founded by a group of critical care physicians with extensive expertise in Point-of-Care ultrasound in the management of critically ill patients. Following years of teaching ultrasound courses globally, it became clear that the demand for such courses could not be met by current in-person education. eMedical Academy realized the only way to meet this vast demand, was to make exceptional ultrasound training available online. Today, eMedical Academy’s mission is to offer expert ultrasound courses online, share knowledge, promote medical excellence, and improve patient care and outcomes with the highest quality in ultrasound education.