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This product helped us solve some of our challenges. It is a high quality product.


  Significant time is spent at the live course teaching FoCUS image acquisition methodology, taking away from valuable hands on practice.

  Course duration was too long, adding burden to the trainee as well as the trainers.

  A significant amount of content has to be taught in a condensed period of time, resulting in information overload, poor retention and insufficient trainer interaction (Q&A).


How we used and implemented eMedical Academy’s products and services.

Train the Trainer

Registered course attendees receive access to eMedical Academy eViews Cours to learn acquisition of the FoCUS views.

Foundation Using eViews

After mastery of image acquisition using eViews, course attendees practice distinguishing between normal and pathological conditions using the eClips course.

Hands-On Practice

During the live course, attendees practice image acquisition on live models. Skills learned from the eViews and eClips are integrated at a mock patient bedside.

Building Expertise Using eClips

Expert trainers are available at interactive sessions to guide trainees on image acquisition, troubleshooting and Q&A sessions to deepen understanding and expertise.

Testing Knowledge

Continued access to the eViews and eClips courses post-course allows course attendees to continue practicing and mastering the learned skill-set.


How working with eMedical Academy positively impacted our organization.

Reduction in Live Course Resources

Shifting training of image acquisition to the learner in the pre-course setting allowed a reduction in course time from 2 days to 1. Shorter course duration was preferred by trainees to limit time away from work. In addition, fewer expert trainers were needed during the live course. This resulted in decrease in expense to the organization which benefitted the trainee as well.

Maximization of the Live Course to Mastery of Skillset

Historically, approximately 50% of the live course time was dedicated to educating trainees on image acquisition. Having trainees learn image acquisition prior to the course ensures they have a robust understanding by the time they attend the live course. It also gives the trainees sufficient time to re view and re-review the content pre-course. The live course is dedicated to hands on training on live models, interacting with experts and conducting Q&A sessions to deepen understanding and master image acquisition skills.

Long-term Access to Online Course Materials

Having access to the eMedical Academy courses throughout the pre- and post-course setting allows ample time for trainees to review the image acquisition materials in advance of the course, as well as re-review key points after the course. Continuous access to training allows flexible learning at the trainees’ convenience. In contrast, in person courses limit access to time on site with no opportunity to prepare before or review after the course.


Hands-on practice is essential to mastery of FoCUS image acquisition. Trainee learning in the pre-course setting enhances the knowledge base and optimizes hands-on practice time while trains enjoy the flexible training environment.

The eMedical Academy platform (eViews, eTopics, eClips, and eCases) provides a comprehensive training for FoCUS image acquisition, pathological condition identification, and image interpretation. Practice at the bedside is the only remaining activity for a robust FoCUS mastery.

Shifting the background content learning to the trainee allows course directors to reduce course time and trainer resource use at the live course. Trainees expenses and time commitment are reduced as a result.

Availability of the eMedical Academy courses as a continuous resource pre-, during, and post-live courses, ensures content retention.