eMedical Academy Publishes New Case Study Outlining Partnership to Train Ultrasound Students of Technion Medical School’s Mission in Uganda

eMedical Academy Publishes New Case Study Outlining Partnership to Train Ultrasound Students of Technion Medical School’s Mission in Uganda

Boston, US – November 14, 2018 – eMedical Academy online ultrasound school for Point-of-Care ultrasound continuing education recently published a new case study on their website. The case study explores how Technion Medical School incorporated virtual ultrasound courses from eMedical Academy to train its Mission in Uganda medical students.

Technion faced many challenges in the training of their med students before a medical mission in Uganda. Specifically, significant institutional resources were required, in a constrained setting, to train medical students on the FoCUS exam. Furthermore, quality of instruction varied significantly based on trainer expertise and availability, while trainee FoCUS practice was limited to the availability of a qualified technician in clinic hours.

Integrating online ultrasound education from eMedical Academy helped to address these challenges. For example, senior medical students used eMedical Academy’s virtual ultrasound training courses such as eViewseClipseTopics, and eCases to develop expertise in FoCUS. This included building acumen in anatomy recognition, image acquisition, and troubleshooting tips.

Trainees were even able to refine image acquisition using a handheld US ultrasound device, guided by the eViews modules, in real-time, at the patient’s bedside. Then, eClips – which are videos of actual ultrasound patients – were used to develop recognition of normal versus pathological conditions.

Technion found that eMedical Academy course integration was a convenient, self-directed learning instrument that prepared students for hands-on training in this important medical mission. It also enhanced and expanded learning over time since students could refer back to the training if and when desired.

As explained in the case study, “Integrating eMedical Academy online courses into the organization’s [Technion’s] educational plan ensures a consistent and robust knowledge base. Self-directed online learning is key to a flexible learning environment for the trainee and reduced time commitment on the part of the trainer.”

You can read the entire case study here:  https://www.emedicalacademy.com/partner-pocus-case-studies-technion/.
About eMedical Academy:

eMedical Academy was founded by a group of critical care physicians with extensive expertise in Point-of-Care ultrasound in the management of critically ill patients. Following years of teaching ultrasound courses globally, it became clear that the demand for such courses could not be met by current in-person education. eMedical Academy realized the only way to meet this vast demand, was to make exceptional ultrasound training available online. Today, eMedical Academy’s mission is to offer expert ultrasound courses online, share knowledge, promote medical excellence, and improve patient care and outcomes with the highest quality in ultrasound education.