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ORIGINAL ARTICLE • Transcutaneous Laryngeal Ultrasonography: A Reliable, Non-Invasive and Inexpensive Preoperative Method In the Evaluation of Vocal Cords Motility—A Prospective Multicentric Analysis on a Large Series and a Literature Review

Transcutaneous laryngeal ultrasonography (TLUS) has been proposed as a non-invasive and painless indirect examination of vocal cords function as alternative to direct flexible fiberoptic laryngoscopy (FFL). The study assessed TLUS reliability as an alternative method to direct FFL in evaluation voca...
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Image of LUS laryngeal ultrasound airway ultrasound    Online PoCUS Training

JOURNAL REVIEW • Point of Care, Clinician-Performed Laryngeal Ultrasound and Pediatric Vocal Fold Movement Impairment

An alternate way of assessing vocal fold mobility can be achieved with transcervical laryngeal ultrasound (LUS), which causes fewer changes in physiologic parameters. The goal in this study was to evaluate the use of LUS as a point of care, otolaryngologist-performed assessment of vocal fold movemen...
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