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Children’s Hospital, Boston | Dept. of Anesthesia



Demanding clinical obligations and the need to train staff from multiple locations presented a barrier to meeting an aggressive departmental objective to training 100 Anesthesia attendings on point of care ultrasound. Shifting the learning to the online setting using eMedical Academy courses, facilitated a thorough training of a large number of clinical staff (100 attendings over 3 years) while freeing them from in-person lectures. This allowed them to focused attention on practicing hands-on scanning.


  In person lectures are very difficult to schedule due to demanding workloads of the clinical staff

  Clinical staff working in multiple satellite locations

  Ambitious department goal of training 100 members of the Anesthesia clinical staff over 3 years


How we used and implemented eMedical Academy’s products and services.

Train the Trainer

A contractual agreement between the hospital and eMedical Academy was executed defining clearly the scope of the project; in this case it included training of 100 clinical staff over a 3-year period, using the entire eMedical Academy education platform of eViews, eTopics, eClips and eCases.

Foundation Using eViews

eViews was released first as a pre-cursor to an organizational hands-on workshop. The workshop was followed by on the job practice.

Hands-On Practice

All remaining courses were released to users following the workshop for independent learning at the trainees’ free time.

Building Expertise Using eClips

eMedical Academy worked closely with the organization to customize the course to the needs of the institution program including timing the release of the online courses to align with the internal workshop, accommodating 3 cycles of trainees and creating an internal certification process using eMedical Academy’s online post-training test.

Testing Knowledge

A post training test was created by eMedical Academy at the request of the organization to formalize the completion of training process.


Positive impact of eMedical Academy courses on the organization.

Training a large group in a complex new technology.

eMedical Academy courses allowed the organization to train 100 Anesthesia clinicians on point of care ultrasound in a period of 3 years. This would not have been possible if the organization continued to rely on in person lectures.

Robust educational platform significantly reduced in-person training time.

The robust educational content of the eMedical Academy courses reduced significantly the need for lecture based didactic training and allowed Senior staff to devote their time to practice with the hands-on scanning.


eMedical Academy courses shift the learning to the trainee, allowing flexibility for the trainee in the setting of significant clinical load and multiple satellite locations. It also reduces organizational burden on senior clinical staff.

Access to the complete education platform offers a robust clinical background (eTopics) along with image acquisition know-how (eViews & eClips) and simulated clinical implementation (eCases).

Implementation of a post-training certification process validates the quality of the training and ensures that trainees pass a high bar of ultrasound image acquisition and interpretation.

The high degree of customization offered by eMedical Academy allows easy adaptation to organization needs.